Reply To: Tips & Tweaks: Lx3, Lx4, Lx5 modes


Hi there, I’m here losing my head with OSSC and my PS1 again x’D

Today I just tried a utility called “ImportPlayer Light v2.1” for my PAL PS1 to force NTSC video mode in it, resulting on having my spanish PAL game working at 59,27Hz instead of 49,76Hz!

As I posted here before, in PAL mode the Lx5 line mode didn’t worked for me, but now works (all messy), so I decided to go Lx4 anyway since it looks so good and the boot screen for the boot utility CD doesn’t work in Lx5 either.

Okay so now I’m at Lx4 mode, 314p and 1280×240 mode. The screen looks stretched but vertically! And there are things that are showed in screen (cause the Tomb Raider 2 game has an option to move/place the screen and the screen seems to continue all the way down) but I can’t figure out how to stretch the image vertically…
If I increase the vertical active number over 243 it makes nothing, and if I decrease it below that only get worse…

What can I do?


Actual settings under 1280×240 are:
H Samplerate: 1618
H Synclen: 72
H Backporch: 170
H Active: 1328
V Synclen: 7 (can’t go over this value)
V Backporch: 32
V Active: 223

My TV is a Samsung QLED in 4:3 mode, since I observed that in NTSC video mode only offers my 16:9 or 4:3, avoiding the custom zoom option I sometimes use…