Reply To: Capture card compatibility report thread


After going through a ton of hardware I have a setup that is working very well with the SNES.

The Startech USB3HDCAP will take 2x,3x,4x. Just make sure you set the HDMI bandwidth to either 125% or 150% in the settings. It won’t take 5x from the SNES, but will take 1080p from other sources. Don’t use the “custom” drivers. Just grab the latest ones off of the website.

One other thing about this card, is that it does NOT like ASmedia USB controllers. So if you have those in your computer, you’ll need to buy a PCI-E USB 3.0 card. I ended up getting a EVGA USB 3.0 controller from a friend pretty cheap. It works just fine with built in windows drivers.

More importantly was finding a splitter that works with this setup. I tried out several and had mostly bad luck. Mainly audio stuttering. I ended up with the ViewHD Model: UHD1X2. This seems to take about everything that I throw at it. You’ll want to put it in Out1 EDID mode. This way it only sees the EDID from the display and not from the capture.