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    I’m interested to know if anyone has the OSSC capturing with standard PAL and not a 60hz mod on a capture device? 🙂


    I know the Avermedia GC573 supports some PAL resolutions at 50hz (or 60hz for that matter).



    Im considering buying an OSSC. I want to capture footage but i haven’t seen any reports of my current capture card, the original Elgato Game Capture HD, working in all modes. I’m wondering if any of you know if a cheap ebay capture card would capture it.

    Something like this:



    The Elgato capture card should work for 480i(Passthrough and x2[At least])/480p (Passthrough) 240p (Passthrough, 2x, 3x, 5x(if set to 1920×1080, though the capture card couldn’t capture 60fps)) as the Game Capture HD is on the older side and might have issues with non regular resolutions, it might work with the other modes but from what I can tell you would have to use OBS instead of the elgato software.

    The Elgato Game Capture supports the following resolutions as far as I can tell:

    1080p (simultaneous 60 fps pass-through and 30 fps capture), 1080i, 720p (60 or 30 fps capture), 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i, 288p, 240p

    To be honest I wouldn’t trust the ebay capture card very much it doesn’t even list supported resolutions aside from 720p/1080i.

    To be honest though it might be on the more expensive side I’d recommend the Avermedia GC573 as it works great with my OSSC.


    Please help me! I need to buy a capture card that is efficient, but that does not have a very expensive price, however, I do not know which capture cards are compatible with my OSSC 1.6. I need suggestions mainly for USB capture cards, brands, models etc.

    I await your contributions.


    picked up the elgato cam link 4k last night and have a few other cards and here is my report so far:

    Elgato hd 60s – does not work with SNES or RGB Modded N64 using OBS – get nothing

    Avermedia live gamer portable 2 – does not work with SNES. Does work with RGB Modded N64 – no sound in OBS

    Elgato Cam Link 4k – works with both the SNES and RGB Modded N64 but no sound. Not sure which way the toggle switch is suppose to be for the sound to be used from the HDMI. Will test more after work or see if I can pull the audio from the scart bnc break out first.

    My setup is – System – SCART RGB to SCART SWITCH – SCART to BNC connectors to Sony PVM 20M2U input. BNC to SCART from PVM output to OSSC SCART in. OSCC HDMI out to Cam Link 4k.

    Hopefully I can figure out how to get the sound to get captured in OBS. the elgato software doesnt display anything for me but I can get it in OBS…


    what is so weird is in the elgato software I get the audio but no video… in OBS I get video but no audio… not sure what is my next step. This is all thru HDMI at this point. CAM LINK 4K capture card

    edit: so i feel like ive tried every which way and tried to bypass audio a dozen ways, but which way is the toggle switch suppose to be for the audio coming form HDMI ?


    Sound always comes out HDMI AFAIK. The toggle controls whether the 1/8″ jack is used for input or output. If you have audio downsampling turned off on the OSSC, try turning it on. I get glitchy audio with the HD60 Pro unless I have that on.


    Thanks, yeah I tried hooking it up to my lcd tv and audio works from it; so the issue is either with my PC, the capture card or OBS

    streamed a 3 hours last night with the Cam Link 4K and it works great besides no audio from the device, I just captured the sound from my mic


    Hey guys, just wanted to report that OSSC > CRESTRON HD-SCALER > ELGATO GAME CAPTURE HD (yes the old one) works great for LINE X5. Essentially, the scaler puts the line x3/4/5 in the correct resolution for the Elgato software. My game audio is a separate capture (SCART > RCA > 3.5MM > LINE IN on PC) and is slightly off, I think. Here are a couple examples of me streaming at line x5 with and without scan lines.


    After going through a ton of hardware I have a setup that is working very well with the SNES.

    The Startech USB3HDCAP will take 2x,3x,4x. Just make sure you set the HDMI bandwidth to either 125% or 150% in the settings. It won’t take 5x from the SNES, but will take 1080p from other sources. Don’t use the “custom” drivers. Just grab the latest ones off of the website.

    One other thing about this card, is that it does NOT like ASmedia USB controllers. So if you have those in your computer, you’ll need to buy a PCI-E USB 3.0 card. I ended up getting a EVGA USB 3.0 controller from a friend pretty cheap. It works just fine with built in windows drivers.

    More importantly was finding a splitter that works with this setup. I tried out several and had mostly bad luck. Mainly audio stuttering. I ended up with the ViewHD Model: UHD1X2. This seems to take about everything that I throw at it. You’ll want to put it in Out1 EDID mode. This way it only sees the EDID from the display and not from the capture.


    I use Elikliv’s capture device. It’s rather cheap and there is virtually no documentation on it at all but it does work extremely well in most cases and it’s the only device I found which will record a smooth 60 fps on my Mac mini with a 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5 (which I guess is pretty weak). It will by default either stretch the incoming signal to 1080p or 720p but by using a piece of software called Quickier I was able to capture 1600 x 1200 modes and down in their original resolution.

    Consoles I’ve tested so far:
    • Sega Genesis: 1x Y / 2x Y / 3x Y / 4x Y / 5x 1080p Y / 5x 1200p Y
    • Super NES: 1x Y / 2x Y / 3x Y / 4x Y / 5x 1080p N [distortions running through the signal] / 5x 1200p Y
    • PC Engine: 1x Y / 2x Y / 3x Y / 4x Y / 5x 1080p Y / 5x 1200p Y
    • Sega Saturn: 1x Y / 2x Y / 3x Y / 4x Y / 5x 1080p Y / 5x 1200p Y
    • Nintendo GameCube (480p): 1x Y / 2x Y
    • Sony PlayStation 2 (480p): 1x Y / 2x Y
    • Nintendo Wii (480p): 1x Y / 2x Y


    I was wondering if anyone has tested any of the external capture cards with “PC Free” capabilities (direct record to SD card or USB thumb drive) and if they work with the OSSC’s HDMI output?

    I’ve already tried and tested the original Avermedia Live Gamer Portable, and while it will pick up the OSSC when plugged into a PC/laptop (used in line 2X and 3X modes from 240p sources) it will not record to the SD card in it’s PC free mode…it gets no signal/error msg’s.

    I work at an arcade, and we are looking to direct capture old arcade games without the need to have a PC/laptop left on the floor. It is both expensive to have a PC for every game we want to record, but it’s also at risk of bring stolen. If we can build an enclosure for an OSSC, external capture device and a screen so you can see the output, I think it would work great!

    Any info would be appreciated.


    Tried the Plugable Nix HDMI Capture Card & it seemed to work with SNES*/PS2+HD Retrovision Component, as well as CPS2+HAS Supergun/SCART.

    I’m pretty green when it comes to profiles, fine tuning & stuff, so I don’t have too many helpful details, but just wanted to let y’all know that it works in some form. If y’all want me to check anything in particular, let me know & I’ll try & get around to it.

    Blurry pix

    * Pretty sure the SNES is *not* a 1chip.


    Avermedia Live Gamer 4K fully working with all modes and resolutions on the following systems:

    PS2: HDRetrovision Component Cables.
    PS1: Insurrection Industries RGB Scart cable.
    Wii: Third Party component, well shielded (don’t remember the brand).
    Gamecube: Official Component Cables.
    Saturn: Insurrection Industries RGB Scart Cable.

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