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    Are there any specific settings I need to hit for the Elgato Cam Link to take 4x and 5x? I see it works on here but I can’t get it to show up in the game capture app window at those multipliers.


    Anyone tried a AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K GC573? I want an all-in-one solution for 4k HDR gaming but also (and mainly) for OSSC with SNES, Genesis, PC engine and other good old stuff but cannot find any information about copmatibility..

    Mr Rahzin

    The AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K GC573 works very well with SNES 5x,PC engine, GC, PS2 etc.

    I bought the card after watching a video of MY Life In Gaming about 4k on YouTube.


    I bought it recently and only 3x mode works stable with my 1-chip Snes and PC-engine+super Sd 3.. 5x works only in dvi mode without a sound and i don’t have a scart audio splitter to test it with it. Do you use any specific OSSC settings to get 5x?

    P.S. Also what capture software do you use?

    Mr Rahzin

    It worked without any problems for me and I didn’t set anything special. I’m recording with REcentral 4 because OBS can’t do BT.2020 for HDR. Did you update the firmware?


    I’ve located the problem – palmexx hdmi splitter. For some reason my LG C7 gets clean image from it, but GC573 dont. It was a pain to unhook pc and get it closer to OSSC but after i connect it directly it worked just perfect.

    Mr Rahzin, do you use a splitter? Im afraid finding the one that will work may be a problem for my wallet.

    Mr Rahzin

    Great that you found and fixed the problem. Unfortunately I don’t use a splitter so I can’t help. I look for a switch/matrix which can do everything and doesn’t make me poor.


    I’m curious to see if anyone has tested the Avermedia Live Gamer Ultra GC553. I saw that someone did find the Live Gamer 4K GC573 to work, but my desktop isn’t powerful enough to use that. My laptop however is more than powerful enough to run the GC553. I’m debating on getting the GC553 but wanted to know if anyone has tried it with the OSSC. I mainly want a way to record 4K for everything I own with my laptop until I get a new desktop. If I don’t see any info, I’ll just go ahead and purchase one in the coming months and post my findings here.


    I grabbed the Avermedia Live Gamer Ultra GC553. Same as the rest. It does advertise itself as a 4k HDR capture device and requires USB 3.1. So, no promises to the smaller resolutions.

    Snes 2x only (with dejitter board). PS1 2x only. Saturn 2x only. Then I gave up. It does pass-thru everything except certain 5x signals but only sort of captures audio with only pass thru.


    Just going to update that the micomsoft SC-512 does support Line 5x. I just can’t get the line 3x to work on it which is alright since I just use Line4x+5x anyways.


    I apologize if this has already been asked/discussed, but I am unable to find a way to search for this…

    Anyways – Does anyone here have any success with any external capture device running in “PC Free mode” (aka capture direct to SD card) capturing from the OSSC?

    I have access to an Avermedia Live Gamer Portable (original one), but would like to know if LGP2 or any other options would work for this application.

    Thanks in advance!


    The Elgato Cam Link doesn’t seem to capture the new 512×240 optim. mode properly; it looks like there’s a sync glitch every 1-5 seconds:

    The output to my PC CRT monitor looks perfectly fine though, but I haven’t been able to find any tweaks to stabilize it for capture. Previously, my preferred capture method was a pseudo 512×480 optim. mode, by using 320×240 optim. and upping the H sample rate to 682 (among other adjustments). The limitation was that it could go only as far as 510 H active pixels, but it was a stable image. In the end, it is effectively one vertical column of pixels lost in terms of normal 256×240 modes. I’ll have to stay with with that method for now.


    Avermedia GL310 lite with OSSC compatibility

    The cheap AverMedia GL310 lite is cheap for a reason…
    PS1 :
    x3 = no
    x4 = no
    x5 = yes (but you loose about 10% of the picture on the top and the bottom, okay-ish for certain games though)

    Xbox & DC :
    x2 = no

    Basically, it accepts 480p, 480i, 720p (standard 720p only…) and 1080p or 1080i and refuses everything else
    so you should avoid this cheap capture card, not a great fit with the OSSC


    Just a heads up for anyone looking to get an Elgato Cam Link for capture: the original was discontinued and a 4k version took its place. It’s still the same price, but apparently it’s quite different under the hood. It only outputs 4:2:0 according to sources I’ve read. OBS still reports YUY2 on my end, but I see artifacts when point resizing vertically, which implies chroma subsampling occurring in that direction. This can be remedied by using bilinear resizing instead, but it can’t hide all the artifacts.

    It looks like the chroma subsampling method used on the new Cam Link is not easily reversible in OBS. With the old version, you can simply point resize to a lower resolution to recover perfect pixels since the OSSC does integer multiplication vertically and horizontally (in optim. modes). This method doesn’t work quite as well with the new version: Notice the artifact on the right side of the pink boxes. I get the general impression that the colors aren’t quite aligned the way they should be.

    Also, it looks like the matrix and range for the Cam Link 4k is Rec. 601, Partial. The old version was Rec. 709, Full.


    Seen many comments here that the Elgato HD60 Pro does not play nice with the OSSC, but I tested it yesterday and I’m not having any issues. I use line5x with the 1600×1200 setting and generic 4:3 and it’s working great. I tested with NES, SNES, and Genesis and no issues with any of them. Keep in mind that I have dejitter mods in the NES and SNES and a sync stripper in the cable for the Genesis, but the point is that with clean sync these all work. I did have to enable downsampling for the audio to get the audio to work right, though. I haven’t tested line2x or line3x yet.

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