Reply To: Capture card compatibility report thread


HD60S user here.

If you use the Elgato software you’re stuck with 2x mode if you use 240p, passthrough for 480p.

However, if you use something like Amarec, OBS (don’t use the elgato game capture hd source), virtualdub, yadda yadda you’ll be able to capture up to 5x. Only tried this on the PS1 so not sure if the SNES will work just as well.

The downside is that whenever there’s a resolution change the capture card either goes off center or just goes blank until the resolution goes back to whatever resolution it saw first. So if there’s a 240p game and it switches to 480i you’ll see nothing til you go back to the 240p portion of the game. Doesn’t happen if you’re using 240p/480i2x modes + if you don’t have optimized sampling settings. It’s a pain.