Reply To: Capture card compatibility report thread


Long time fan, first time poster. I just wanted to add that I’ve tried using a DVDO iScan Micro in tandem with the Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus. But said device did nothing to help with the capture. I didn’t mind taking the plunge to try it since it only ran me like $30-$40. Said capture card is convenient and works great for modern hardware, but it rejects anything over 480p from retro via OSSC. I’ve tried it with Atomiswave, CPS2 and Saturn so far. So for my own purposes (retro and arcade gaming, in addition to local events and tournaments), this thing is useless unless I decide to capture my Pokémon and Animal Crossing playthroughs. Haha

I do know of the DVDO iScan VP30 or using a XRGB mini in tandem with the OSSC will allow me to get the capture results I desire, but at this time I don’t think those are within my budget at this time.