Avermedia GC573 cannot capture 5x if TX Mode is HDMI

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    I did a search on this and found this old thread from 2017 but no real solution: https://videogameperfection.com/forums/topic/no-image-with-tx-mode-hdmi-but-works-with-tx-mode-dvi/

    – I am running the 0.81a firmware since my model is newer (mid 2018) with the audio module.
    – I ran a HDMI 2.0 cable directly from the OSSC to the capture card.
    – My capture resolution is 1920×1080.
    – I used my Saturn to test this most of the time but this also happens with my Genesis.
    – The firmware and drivers for the capture card are up to date.

    I noticed that the capture card will complain about no signal most of the time but sometimes the capture will appear 100% correct for a split second before going back to complaining about no signal. So the signal is rarely recognized but will immediately drop out again.

    If I switch the TX Mode to DVI then the video can be captured 100% fine without any issues. I’d much prefer to be able to have the audio over HDMI so I would like to get the HDMI mode working correctly.

    Would anyone be able to help me troubleshoot this? I’m still relatively new to the OSSC and any help would be much appreciated.


    Is there any other HDMI device(Audio Extractor, Splitter) in between the OSSC and the capture card?


    Not with this setup. My normal setup has a HDMI 2.0 switch, HDMI 2.0 audio extractor, and cables to go with it. I was having the same issue so I connected it to the capture card directly with no difference.


    Okay, try the 0.82 firmware(https://www.niksula.hut.fi/~mhiienka/ossc/fw/) also does the display on the OSSC have the HZ change when the saturn’s on, because occasionally my ps1 gives the OSSC a fluctuating HZ(Only in Star Ocean Second Story NTSC-U for whatever reason) which causes my GC573 to throw a fit and randomly lose signal. Which I fix by resetting the settings on OSSC and reloading my profile and restarting the PS1.

    Also NTSC or PAL?


    Anybody figured this out? I am soon ordering that exact same card along with the Ossc. And was wondering if a firmware fixed this issue, as i will be capturing neogeo playsession with the avermedia 4k.

    Thanks guys

    Xellos 101

    Hello my English bad on please tell me how OSC works with this capture card on the Internet very little information about this AverMedia GC573 Live Gamer 4K.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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