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    Hi all,

    I received the OSSC on Friday and have had fun tinkering this weekend.

    For reference:
    My source is a Nintendo 64 running Tim Worthingtons RGB board with Borti’s De-Blue firmware enabled. running N64 to SCART (retro access cable) into the OSSC
    Outputting 4x to a Dell UP2516D 1440P IPS Display (REC709 color space)

    Everything looks great out of the box in 4x, colors look very natural, picture is sharp and distinct.
    To make sure I was getting the best out of the OSSC I downloaded the FireBrandX Optimal Timing profiles and loaded them up. I adjusted the Phase with the Alpha build of the 240P test suite for the N64 (which includes a checkerboard pattern).

    I feel like I’m doing something wrong because the FireBrandX profile looks markedly worse, picture quality wise. The aspect ratio is perfect (same as I was running before the import), but the picture is a bit softer / blurry.

    This post came about because in the FBX tutorial video FBX is importing a profile for the SNES and the finished product is much more sharp / clear, which is the oppposite result for the N64 profile I tested. Again, this may just be due to how FBX likes the N64 to look like?

    Is this softer picture intentional? Is FBX trying to aim for how the Nintendo 64 normally looks on consumer CRT’s? I feel it’s just a matter of a subjective eye tweaking things to their likeness, but want to confirm by asking what others opinions were on the N64 RGB profile.

    I’m not too worried about it, I’ll just stick with the default profile I’ve landed on as it looks great to my eye, but feel like I’m missing something with the FBX profile – which are generally touted as the de facto starting point to getting a desirable picture.


    It doesn’t make sense that it is blurrier with optimized settings. Are you sure you weren’t outputting at Line5x with generic 4:3?

    The profile by FBX is only for 320×240 or 640x480i resolution but there are some games which use 640×240 so those games will have missing pixels with his profile.

    Look here:

    BTW the reason that the SNES looked much sharper in that FBX tutorial video was because it was outputting at Line2x before he imported the profile.


    @Yawnny. My experience is the same as yours. N64 looks soft in the FBX N64 profile and sharp in the default profile.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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