Need help with setting up OSSC 1.6 for PS2

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    These are the items I bought for the audio portion.

    I think you’re right about the component cable I’m using.
    Just been watching the “My Life in Gaming” for PS2 and they do not recommend cheap component cables.
    So I’m gonna look into the monster component cables (Black) and Official Sony component cables.
    I’m also gonna look into RGB cables.

    Which is better, sync on Luma or Csync?


    ok, those audio adapter are good. No problems there.

    The following is generally true, just fyi and for a point of reference: CSYNC is the purest form of sync. Some argue that there’s no noticeable difference between luma and csync, some argue that there is. But, if you’re not committed to one or the other, best just to go with csync.

    However, PS2’s don’t natively output csync. (scroll down to the PS2 part). The csync cable above (and any PS2 csync cable) has a built in sync stripper (based on LM1881, I’m assuming, effectively strips everything off of the signal except for sync). Whether there’s any benefit of csync vs luma sync in this scenario is not clear to me. Hoping others with direct experience can chime in.

    For further reading, below is a summary of how the cable achieves csync:
    Side note 3: We have received a number of enquires stating that the Playstation cannot output CSYNC. This is correct, the Playstation cannot output CSYNC, however, our CSYNC version of this RGB SCART cable has a built in sync separator circuit inside the SCART plug which takes the “sync over composite video” from pin 6 of the Playstation’s AV socket output and then the Sync separator circuit extracts CSYNC signal and sends this to the output of the SCART plug and the composite video part of the signal is disregarded. Here is the path of the sync signal from the PS to the SCART cable using a sync cleaner. PS AV socket (pin 6) —> Sync over composite video (CSYNC + composite video) —> sync cleaner circuit (removes composite video) —> CSYNC only—> SCART (pin 20), BINGO CSYNC!


    Also, I found that gamestop is listing official PS3 component cables for $12.95 plus shipping. I’m assuming/hoping these are equal quality to the PS2 official cables. I decided to order a set since my PS2 cables are aftermarket, and I get some interference from mine as well. It turned out to be under $20 shipped, and that’s certainly better than what people are asking on ebay for PS2 official cables ($30+, from my searching).

    Not sure if gamestop is an option for you, but thought it worth mentioning. If you want, I can post back once I get them to confirm they are actually official cables as listed and provide a better result.


    I’d have to get a plane from the UK to the USA if I was to use gamestop lol.

    Yh sure, if you could let me know what the quality is like that would be cool.


    Update: Ordered an RGB cable with CSYNC and the quality is really good, the audio is really good and the interference is gone.

    Still looking forward to hear what your the quality of the component cables you got are @NoAffinity

    With the video and audio finally sorted out I have one last bit of help to ask for.
    Where can I go on this site to find the latest firmware update for the OSSC?


    Congratulations on finding a good solution.

    I will provide feedback once I get the cable.

    Firmware are linked from the junkerhq ossc support page. Here is a direct link to the archive:


    Just a quick update on the cable received from Gamestop. It was NOT an official PS cable. It was, in fact a universal cable, for Wii, PS2/3 and Xbox.

    So, I used the “hold in store” function on gamestop’s web site to query a couple local stores for the cable. I got an e-mail confirmation that it was being held at one of the stores, and I called that store to make sure I wasn’t going to waste more of my time. The gal working in the store was very helpful, and confirmed that what she had was indeed an official PS cable. So, I went and picked it up, and she was even kind enough to exchange the one received from the online order. Not a bad score, considering what they sell for on feebay and such.

    Long story short, if you’re on the hunt for an official PS2/3 component cable, query your local stores through the web site. Ordering online is obviously a crap shoot.


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