Need some help with an Atari STE, OSSC and a Cam Link

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    Hopefully someone can help? The OSSC has 0.80a firmware.

    I’ve got an Atari STE with a UBE VGA connector, and the ST is set to hi-res. I haven’t played about with low/med res yet.

    The Atari ST puts out the following:-

                                   High        Low/Medium
                                   640x400     320x200 / 640x200
    Vertical refresh rate          72 Hz       50 or 60 Hz       (Since I'm in a Pal region that's 50Hz for me)
    Horizontal refresh rate        31.5 Khz    15.75 Khz

    With a bit of messing about, with the settings said here

    So basically, with V Active 400, Allow Upsample 2x and adjust backporch, I can get a picture in nearly 16×9 on my monitor, but I’d rather have 4:3.

    The problem is, that the Cam Link just keeps complaining that the input picture isn’t supported. Mainly because it’s seems to think it’s getting 800p72.

    The OSSC’s LCD reports AV3: RGBHV 501p 35.80kHz 71.47Hz.

    Is there anything I can maybe try to force this to work?

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