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    I received my OSSC 1.6 this week and have been tinkering with it in my spare time. Seems well built. Navigating the menu’s was confusing at first, but I finally figured it out with the remote. Still no clue what that second button on the unit does though.

    The only thing I have that was plug and play ready were my Wii and Ps2 with component. Both looked great. My ps2 has some scrolling popping/noise, but that was there before the OSSC and I am wondering if it is just a bad component cable. I’ll be upgrading to a Scart cable I think soon!

    Using the default 2x mode I was impressed right away. Everything else showed blank screen. Panasonic TC-P55S60 Plasma TV if anyone is wondering. But after tinkering and spending a lot of time in the forumns I was able to follow Harrumph’s Tips and Tweaks to get some more desirable settings in line 3x and 4x.

    Tips & Tweaks: Lx3, Lx4, Lx5 modes

    It’s looking great for both Wii and Ps2. However, I do have one hiccup I am experiencing. And am wondering if it’s been noted yet.

    In 4X generic. After adjusting V.Active and V.backporch, so I can see picture, I am saving the profile so I don’t have to do that again. I can tweak other settings and reload the profile easily if i mess up. But once I start to get better results with other adjustments as per the wiki, H.samplerate,, H.backporch and save those to a profile now. On OSSC restart there is no image, on loading the profile there is no image. I need to reboot settings and reapply all settings manually to use the 4x or 3x again. Does anyone else experience this?

    I’m slowly planning out my NES, SNES, N64 Mods and RGB/Scart cables needed. I’ve done a bunch of research and am so far eyeing the cables on But I don’t see an N64 or NES SCART Cable. Where do people get these?

    I will post all my results in that TV compatibility thread at some point. But I’d rather wait until I have some other consoles ready to test For now wanted to say Hi and just ask a few questions. 🙂


    Hello and welcome!

    That behaviour seems odd I have to admit, are the numbers saved the same in the OSSC as before, just it won’t make a picture?


    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Yep, numbers are saved. To clarify, when I go in to tweak settings thinking the profile load didn’t work. The numbers are all there and set at my previous settings that I had a great image at before reboot.


    I’ve replicated the problem in detail.

    Panasonic TC-P55S60 Plasma TV
    HDMI in through a 4port switch
    Ps2 Component into OSSC

    Here is what I’ve been doing.

    Line4X generic. After adjusting V.Active to 256 and V.backporch to 3. I get a picture. From here I am looking to now make minor adjustments to image ratio through Horizontal pixel size. Here are the current defaults. is 1280
    H.backporch is 170
    H.samplerate is 1560

    I’m following this link and doing calculations. Horizontal Multiplication factors at bottom of page says to multiply by 3. is 1152
    H.backporch is 198
    H.samplerate is 1512

    After these changes I have a nice image.
    I save the profile. Loading profile or rebooting system shows no image.

    In the settings all those numbers are still there. Now if I start changing them back to default. The image appears again.
    For now I will avoid adjusting the H.’s and just enjoy the crisp pixels even if the ratio is off a bit.



    I’m not sure why you need to make those adjustments. From the numbers, it seems you’re using the CPS2 values (although H samplerate is incorrect, 3×512=1536), which is not correct in the first place, also for x4 mode you should not multiply by 3, but by 4, so it doesn’t make sense to me. With those values, you’re giving the display some real funky timings.

    The default 390 multiple (4×390=1560) should be correct because it adjusts for pixel aspect ratio of the source, no matter if the playstation is in 256×240 or 320×240 modes (depends on the game).

    In general, I do think this should be more easily solved by the TV’s image zoom functions (although not all TVs have those of course). I also remember BonzoBit saying he had to reduce back the V.Active to 240 to get correct aspect on this Panasonic (it’s somewhere in that thread). No idea why, but I guess the panasonic can not interpret the 1280×1024 5:4 aspect ration in the manner we want. If it could display it at 1:1, the aspect should be correct.

    Can you post a picture of how the screen looks before/after adjusting any horizontal values?


    Btw, for the N64RGB and NESRGB mods, I believe people tend to use SNES RGB cables (exactly which type depends on how the RGB boards are set up at installation).


    I save my profiles with V.Active set to 256, anything lower and the VT60 will not display an image. It does mean that each time I power on a console that I have to change V.Active from 256 > 240, but it’s become a reflex action now and doesn’t bother me 🙂 Harrumph, the reason for doing so it to expand the image vertically. If not done it will be squished on the vertical axis. Does you display not have this behaviour when you adjust V.Active?

    And yeah, you can use SNES cables for N64. Like Harumph said, cable type depends on sync type.


    I wish I was that tech wizard, sadly I’m not… 😉


    Bahahahha. Me too.

    Fixed ?

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