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    Hi guys, so I’m loving my OSSC, but there is definitely an issue regarding the optim modes, I just can’t get around, so I use generic 4:3 for every console I have.

    It seems practically impossible to get a stable picture using optim, so for example, there is ALWAYS massive distortion, somewhere on the screen, be it top left, middle, bottom right, you name it, so flickery pixels, distorted text, shimmery graphics, whilst the other parts of the picture look great and very sharp! But I’ve tried everything, adjusting phase, LPF, samplerate, it’s like chasing your tail, so I’ve had to settle on a softer generic 4:3 picture.

    The optim modes feel totally useless, thought I’d reach out to see if a magic bullet exists.



    Each console varies, it’s a combination of settings. Basically you’d have to adjust the Sampling Phase along with the H. Samplerate to get a clear image. Which console are you currently trying to use?


    Yeah that’s what I assumed, but even when one game like Klonoa on the PS1 looks perfect, you put on another, say Castlevania Chronicles, and it’s awful, flickery weird text etc, feels impossible to use optim, and I’m finding Megadrive/Saturn/PS1 (anything 224/240p) just can’t be used with that mode.


    The SEGA consoles should look ok with H Samplerate 427 and Sampling phase somewhere around 270. The PS1 is very finicky for it because it has a habit of switching resolutions.

    EDIT: Also, some Mega Drive/Genesis titles use 320×240 while some need 256×240.

    EDIT 2: If H Samplerate 427 doesn’t look good even when you tweak the sampling phase, try 428 and then play with the sampling phase again.


    I’ll give it another go with the Megadrive, but just tried with the Saturn, whilst one game looks good, another is terrible.


    Apparently some Saturn games are 352×240 instead of 320×240. Maybe that’s what the issue is with certain Saturn games.


    Possibly, maybe it’s bad luck when I put another game in, it is actually another resolution, trouble is OSSC just reports 263p whatever, unless it’s pal or interlaced, makes it difficult at best.


    That’s the thing, the OSSC only reports the vertical resolution. I found a list of Genesis/Mega Drive 256×224 games that will need to use 256×240 optimised rather than 320×240.

    Bart's Nightmare
    Krusty's Super Fun House
    Megaman the Wiley Wars
    Midnight Resistance
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
    Monster World 4
    New Zealand Story
    Pat Riley Basketball
    Road Rash
    Saturday Night Slam Masters
    Scooby Doo
    Shadow of the Beast 2
    Shining on the Darkness
    Shining Force
    Shining Force 2
    Snake Rattle and Roll
    Snow Bros.
    Sol Deace
    Splatterhouse 3
    Star Trek: The Next Generation
    Street Fighter 2’:champion edition
    Super Street Fighter 2:The new challengers
    Super Monaco GP
    Super Volleyball
    Super Battleship
    Super Battletank
    Sunset Riders
    Virtual Bart
    Wonder Boy in Monster World

    It’s really confusing, at least using generic 4:3 is a set and forget option for every 240p console game, even if it’s a tiny bit softer.


    If your TV supports 4x or 5x, it’s probably not even that much of a difference anyway from generic 4:3. The settings I shared for 288p PAL consoles are here under PAL Tweaks as Lx4 PAL (1080p50) (Generic 4:3 mode) if that helps. That scales PAL really nicely on both 1080p and 4k sets if it supports them and can force 4:3. If not, Harrumph has an alternative way there to use 1440px1080 if the set supports it.


    Cheers mate, I run at 5X, so the heartache for gaining a tiny bit of extra crispness, just isn’t worth it, shame it’s so difficult to make it work, but it still looks awesome, so that’s good, I don’t like running pal games, 50hz and borders isn’t something I want to use, all my library is based around imports anyway.


    I’m the same, but when I do have to run a PAL title that minimises the borders too since it’s cropping a slight amount vertically which no PAL games ever seem to use. I imported a Genesis and modded the SNES to have a 50Hz/60Hz switch. I much prefer the full speed versions of the games and as you said, 5x looks really nice. 🙂

    EDIT: Also, if you ever do decide to try optimise the modes, you can always save different profiles and switch between them depending on what game you’re playing.


    Yeah I’ll see, may give the Megadrive a go, as most are the same res, but mine is getting modded with a Mega amp at the moment, so I’ve got to wait :/

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