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    Hey guys,

    I keep on having wrong color tints while running my test systems and softwares (original hardware with quality RGB cables). Sometimes it’s yellowish while it should be white (like Neo Geo AES boot screen),sometimes it’s blueish/greenish (like for Lomax on PS1). Just got a new 4K TV and these problems are still here; tried as well another RGB cable on my Neo with same issues.

    That makes me considering that my OSSC unit is the one being faulty in the end ; maybe SCART input has a problem? What would you recommand by now ? (i’m not a tech guy but willing to have a look inside the unit if it’s not too complicated)



    does the problem persist on all inputs?


    How bad are we talking? I found my Neo Geo was a little dim (not too yellowish) and needed some color tweaks to be calibrated correctly.

    Color Calibration Instructions?

    You might consider creating an OSSC profile for each of your systems.


    Thx guys, i haven’t had time yet but i’ll do what you advise.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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