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    I have an x68000, and when I connect it to my OSSC or XPC-4 by themselves, I can get good display on my multisync monitor. However, when i feed the x68000 into the OSSC, and then the OSSC into the XPC-4 and then finally the XPC-4 into the monitor, the results aren’t so good.

    This image mostly sums it up.

    Bad scan?

    Here is another example. Notice you can see that the menu from the XPC-4 appears fine, so I think the output of the XPC-4 is fine, and the problem is likely elsewhere.

    X68000 into OSSC into XPC-4  into NEC 1970nx

    You can see the signal details here. Same as I’ve seen on other peoples’ working x68000/OSSCs.
    OSSC Settings

    When I remove one or the other between the XPC-4 and OSSC i get results like this, so neither seems broken on its own.
    When things are working fine

    I’ve tried with 3 different monitors now and gotten the same results. Also tried different cables, etc. Does anyone have any ideas? My best guess is that the HDMI output from the OSSC doesn’t output a signal that the XPC-4 is happy with. Should I reverse the order – i.e. XPC4 into OSSC? Any ideas which inputs I should use? I’m not sure what I would convert the DVI output from the XPC-4 to on the OSSC.


    EDIT: Update! How’s this for weird: sticking an HDMI to VGA adapter and VGA to DVI adapter, instead of going straight HDMI to DVI makes things work.

    Through HDMI to VGA to DVI

    As you can see by the XPC-4 status, it’s working fine off the analog signal that the Tendak HDMI to VGA adapter provides. I guess it was having trouble with a digital input from the OSSC.

    The setup still had problems auto-syncing to 15/31 khz changes midgame. I’ll be trying a few other things in coming days/weeks to come up with a more stable solution.


    What was the reason for the XPC-4 in the chain, just out of curiosity?


    XPC-4 is in there because the multisync is actually in pretty terrible shape, and i want to ditch it for a modern monitor. I also owned the XPC-4 before the OSSC.


    OK – I figured it out. If you are outputting an OSSC to a XPC-4, then you definitely want to turn on DVI output signal instead of HDMI output on the OSSC. (I believe its in the menu under compatibility). Everything seems to work fine after that, going direct from HDMI output to DVI input. Well, on the pc98s its still cutting off a few rows and columns of pixels, but the x68000 is working for now. I’ll keep playing around with options for now.


    While I don’t have an X68000 to share experience with, I do often use an XPC-4 in the chain after my OSSC, solely for the ability to framebuffer its 4x240p or 2x480p output into a pixel-perfect-scaled 1080p frame. It’s a very good combo that I feel is overlooked compared to using DVDO or other scalers for the buffering. I’d be quite interested in having (and contributing to) a section on the wiki about the OSSC/XPC-4 combo


    By all means start one, I have no access to XPC-4 hardware myself. What’s the lag on it, 1 frame?


    1,25 Frame

    I do have a XpC4 that I buy for my con after my OSSC, since it is compatible with all monitor and that sound did have to treat separatly.

    To activate the 5x or 4x mode on a TV that dosent allow it; it make wonder.

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