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    I’m looking for a multiplexer with takes 1 SCART input and which ouputs the same signal on 2 different SCART ouputs.
    I haven’t found anything. What is this called ? Multiplexer ? When I’m using this keyword I only find switch which takes multi inputs and with 1 oupout. Or SCART duplexer ?

    My idea:
    I would like to display my consoles on 2 different TVs : my CRT monitor and my LCD (with OSSC). But not at the same time!
    Sometime (it depends on the games, my feeling, etc.) I prefer playing on a CRT and someting it look better with the OOSC. So, only 1 TV would be turned on at the time.

    If I create such a cable, is there any risk I damage something ?

    PS: to complicate to just move the SCART cable from the CRT to the LCD and vise versa. There is no place for my hands… (there is the wall)

    Thank you

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    Generally, these devices are called splitters or distribution amps. I think this is what you’re looking for:


    I use an Extron Crosspoint for this very purpose. Expensive to cable up but a good solid solution.


    Thank you very much for your replies! I’m going to order the ACTIVE SCART BUFFER V3 !
    The Extron Crosspoint is nice much too much for my use case.

    Nowadays it’s difficult to find such distribution amps. Most of them aren’t produced anymore. Example this one

    Keene 1×5 SCART Distribution Amp Review

    These ones are still available×4-scart-distribution-amplifier-1/




    I received the device from js-technology and quickly tested, it works great.

    Bandbridge switch + distribution amps with the CRT, no input lag!

    I don’t understand the documentation. All my consoles (Nintendo and Sega) are using RGBs. What is the default config of this device ? What does “SoG” means ?

    Thank you

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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