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    I’m looking for a multiplexer with takes 1 SCART input and which ouputs the same signal on 2 different SCART ouputs.
    I haven’t found anything. What is this called ? Multiplexer ? When I’m using this keyword I only find switch which takes multi inputs and with 1 oupout. Or SCART duplexer ?

    My idea:
    I would like to display my consoles on 2 different TVs : my CRT monitor and my LCD (with OSSC). But not at the same time!
    Sometime (it depends on the games, my feeling, etc.) I prefer playing on a CRT and someting it look better with the OOSC. So, only 1 TV would be turned on at the time.

    If I create such a cable, is there any risk I damage something ?

    PS: to complicate to just move the SCART cable from the CRT to the LCD and vise versa. There is no place for my hands… (there is the wall)

    Thank you


    Generally, these devices are called splitters or distribution amps. I think this is what you’re looking for:


    I use an Extron Crosspoint for this very purpose. Expensive to cable up but a good solid solution.


    Thank you very much for your replies! I’m going to order the ACTIVE SCART BUFFER V3 !
    The Extron Crosspoint is nice much too much for my use case.

    Nowadays it’s difficult to find such distribution amps. Most of them aren’t produced anymore. Example this one

    Keene 1×5 SCART Distribution Amp Review

    These ones are still available×4-scart-distribution-amplifier-1/




    I received the device from js-technology and quickly tested, it works great.

    Bandbridge switch + distribution amps with the CRT, no input lag!

    I don’t understand the documentation. All my consoles (Nintendo and Sega) are using RGBs. What is the default config of this device ? What does “SoG” means ?

    Thank you


    I’m loving mine! With one of these: )and also an audio breakout socket), it provides for one breakout that is very convenient for PVMs, Extron boxes, etc! There’s a better description of the jumpers on the Shmups board.

    Bucko, have you thought about scooping one of these up? You don’t live super super far from J.S., perhaps John could send you a sample unit to toy around with!

    I’m the guy who convinced him to make these, I found that the market was sorely lacking… our only other options were basically the gscartsw, which is overkill if all you want is one simple split/amplified signal :p


    I’ve no need for one on my setup but I’d be happy to review one.

    Participant now sells a SCARTMUX I just bought one, 4 in and 2 out – auto switching. works a treat. does some extra stuff like sync stripping etc.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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