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    While we are at it, can someone explain to me what comb filter and what the difference between the two settings are?


    So an update. I downloaded the new firmware from the retrotink website and flashed the device. Now after, i would say the color is somewhat better on all other consoles, but not on the genesis. So either there was some fix in the firmware, or it is just placebo after being tired of testing so much 😛 but anyhow. ok so my mega drive seems to be a lost cause with the retrotink. The colors are great directly plugged into the tv, but with anoying interlacing. With the retrotink the colors are aweful, but the interlacing is gone at least. Do anyone have any idea how i can enjoy my mega drive on an modern TV without interlacing?


    New issue now. I have completly lost audio. This happend the first time yesterday a while after flashing with new firmware. it just stopped all of a sudden. I figured there might been some issue while getting the firmware, so i did it again. Afterwards it works. Then today, i did some cablemanagement so the device was unplugged, when i plugged it in again, no audio. I tried flashing the firmware onto it again, but it did not do anything. So now i just plain don’t have any audio and i don’t know what to do.


    If you see a blue led flashing during start up, that means the RT2xPro enters a DVI mode (no audio), because your monitor reports DVI only.
    The RT2xPro is default to HDMI mode (with audio), and it’s very unusual that a monitor reports DVI only if it is HDMI compatible.
    The RT2xPro double checks that EDID has been read correctly and then checks for HDMI compliance,, if anything goes wrong, it will default to HDMI with audio.
    Try to plug the power first, then plug the HDMI cable.

    What is your TV, Monitor, or other display?
    How long is you ‘cable management’ now?
    Also, do not flash the firmware endlessly, only once is enough if it was successful.


    Hi James-F

    Thanks alot :), pluging in the power first then the HDMI cable worked. Problem is that i have hooked up the outlet where i have plugged in all my game consoles to google home and i turn of the power whenever i am not playing anything. And in the same process turning of the retrotink 2x. But whenever i turn it on it seems to report “DVI only” then for some reason. So i guess i just have to leave it on forever then, unless there is some fix i can apply? Also i presume there is no way to dim the status LED?

    I have an Samsung TV flat screen tv
    “How long is you ‘cable management’ now?” I am unsure what that question means. 😛


    For anyone curious, here is the reason i am going through this hassle:

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    The goal is to have a pleasant looking setup, while holding the priority that it shoud be hasslefree to start any game at any time. I want my non-gamer girlfriend and other friends to be able to sit down at any time and start any game they are interested in without being discouraged about what 30 buttons needs to be pressed to get the right system going.

    So thats where the retrotink comes in 🙂 Now it seems to work with many of my consoles, but my mega drive has a special place in my heart, so now i am wondering, any tips of how i can hook it up to the tv and get rid of that awful interlacing while still getting nice colors? All advices are welcome, even if it is some other devices than retrotink etc.


    How long is you ‘cable management’ now?” I am unsure what that question means.

    I mean, any HDMI extension cables or HDMI splitters that may mess with EDID?
    As said, the RT2xPro checks if EDID was successfully received and only then checks for HDMI compliance.
    If any of the two was unsuccessful it will fallback to HDMI WITH audio, so you should hear audio in any case.
    Something in your setup successfully sends EDID with non-compliant HDMI EDID (DVI Only).
    Your TV has to be at least in standby (not completely powered off from outlet) for the RT2xPro to properly read EDID.

    As for image quality, upgrade your setup to full SCART RGB.
    Use RGB2Comp+RT2xPro from RetroTink, or OSSC.


    No Extensioncables, no splitters.

    Tv never shuts down completely, it only goes into standby.

    Is there any issue with having the retrotink on 24/7? If not i think i will just leave it on then in a location where the status LED is not as visible.

    as for the edvice of going full RGB scart, thanks i will look into that, it will be a future project 🙂


    Do you see a BLUE led when you power on the RT2xPro with the HDMI cable plugged in?


    Thanks James, for your help!

    , very nice setup! No issue with leaving it on 24/7. A suggestion, you can also use a component video switcher to mix composite and component devices to the RT2X. For composite sources, just hook up the yellow RCA jack and leave the red and green video jacks disconnected.



    Yes i do.


    Thanks 🙂 And regarding the component video switcher, i have thought about that, but apparently it is really hard to find an component switch nowadays in europe. But thanks for the advice, and as soon as i find one, i will go ahead with that 🙂 Any brands you know if i might want to look up?


    You can pick up Extron Crosspoint switches VERY cheaply on the 2nd hand market now.

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