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    Hi, I did actually. The RGB bypass boards had +5V and GND shorted (I took them out and checked, it was indeed coming from the modkit). Back then it didn’t occur to me to check the mod before installing it, took me a long *ss time to even check that, hence why things went sideway for so long ^-^ Now that’s the first thing I do. From memory, I bought 8 RGB bypass boards, 2 had +5V and GND shorted and another one had Blue (output) and +5V shorted (and because I used to remove CXA as that’s what a modder from the US was doing without any issue, I started swapping bypasses around to rule things out, I basically ended up damaging several of them in the process, and back then, no oscillo :/ ). Last year someone complained to Voultar about another mod of his and pcbway (or JLCpcb?) chimed in to confirm that he had some weird artifacts in his pcb. I guess the software he was using back then was buggy. If you type “artifacts from:@Voultar” on Twitter you can find tracse of this exchange (July 7th 2020).


    Very strange, we’ve sold dozens of these and not had any other issues reported like that.


    Back then, I either bought them all in a single order or 2 orders very close in time to each other. Not all were having issues. I ended up using the other ones and they were fine. So, it might have been an isolated issue, in an isolated batch.


    Hey buddies, I got the same issue.

    I installed it into a Japanese V6 with this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KShb3YxQ4AU as a reference, but left the video chip out because Bob did that in his Video when he had Voultar on.
    I had a fine working console with a superb picture for 15 minutes. Then I wanted to load up the 240p suite and did not get a picture since then. I put the Sony chip back in, but it did not make a difference. I noticed the vdp gets hot real fast now.


Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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