New and re-stocked cables

The sun is shining here today and apparently there are some famous people getting married, but we don’t concern ourselves with such things when we have new, exciting cables in stock! Today we’ve re-stocked several of our popular RGB cables and also introduced a couple of new ones.

For starters, the JP21 to SCART cables are now back in stock. If you want one with an OSSC, just add it to the basket along with your OSSC, as the OSSC sales page will still say it’s out of stock (the stock control stuff in our e-commerce plugin could do with an overhaul).

A few people wrote in and asked if we could make some SCART to JP21 adapters for use on XRGB scalers and suchlike. “Don’t be absurd” we said, “why would we support our competitors products?”. Just kidding, of course we can get some of those and we have. You can grab them here.

Got a mighty Extron Crosspoint switch? If so you can now hook up more devices to it as our SCART to Extron input cables have been re-stocked. Grab those colossal cables here.

Finally, you can now easily connect your Extron RGB switch to your OSSC, Framemeister, TV or any SCART compatible device with our Extron to SCART output cables. In case you were wondering, yes our Extron output cables are properly attenuated for 75 ohm CSYNC.

Whether your playing retro games, modern games, watching Royals get wed or, gasp, enjoying the Sunshine, have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “New and re-stocked cables

  1. Aaron says:

    Hi! Do you have any plans to sell SCART to VGA cables for Extron RGB Rxi 201/203 units? Retro Gaming Cables no longer offers these and I could use one. Thanks!

  2. Anon says:

    Any plans to stock the dbelectronics extron crosspoint audio adapters he designed and made publicly available?

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