SD2SNES upgrade boards in stock

If you own a SD2SNES cartridge, chances are you’ve tried some of the MSU-1 games that the homebrew communities have created. MSU-1 is a SNES expansion chip that never really existed, but one that can be recreated using FPGA emulation. It adds high quality video and audio streaming to the SNES, allowing for CD quality soundtracks in games. 

If you’ve tried a few of these MSU-1 games on your SD2SNES and found the audio to be a little too quiet, then chances are you have an older revision of the cartridge. Luckily, this can be corrected relatively easily by simply installing one of these neat little expansion boards. The SD2SNES upgrade board is another great design by our good friend Borti4938. We now have stock of these boards for both DIY fitting and for those of you that require an installation service. DIY customers should click here, while those who need a fitting service should click here.


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