NES de-jitter kits and Megadrive RGB bypass re-stocked

Two bits of news for you this morning. First of all we can now supply the NES/SNES de-jitter kits pre-flashed with NES firmware. If you’ve not been following the de-jitter project, these little mods install in any SNES or NES and effectively clean up the jittery sync signal, improving compatibility with the OSSC in particular. Being able to buy the board pre-flashed with the firmware of your choice should save time and money for DIY installers, who now won’t have to buy a programmer that may only be used briefly for this one project. Grab yourself a de-jitter board by clicking here.

Out of the blue we’ve been sent another batch of Genesis RGB bypass boards. Those are now for sale on our site here. The manufacturers forgot to let us know they were on the way, so that was a nice surprise when the courier turned up with them today.

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