CPS2 InfiniKey and SSD3 install services now available

We have several new products and services to introduce today. First of all, we now have the InfiniKey CPS-2 boards in stock, both for DIY installers and for those of you who require a fitting service.

If you are a collector of CPS-2 arcade boards then you are probably very familiar with the copy protection Capcom used on this particular hardware. The so called “Suicide” battery was designed to wipe the boards decryption keys if tampered with, rendering the game unplayable. Well, worry no more, because the clever little InfiniKey mod board will replace the suicide battery and allow you to permanently play your classic coin-op titles. No decrypted or hacked ROMs required.

Grab yourself a DIY fit InfiniKey board here, or get our fitting service here.

Secondly, if you need an installation service for the FU-RGB or SSDS3 Stereo Audio Bypass boards, then these are available now too. Unfortunately we’re still waiting on new stock of the SSDS3 stereo audio bypass so there’s only one of these available at the moment, but more are on the way. Click here if you need a FU-RGB installation, or here for the SSDS3 Stereo Bypass amp. For DIY installers we’re out of stock of SSDS3 Stereo Audio Bypass kits but we do still have some FU-RGB kits.

We are expecting some more new things shortly, so check back tomorrow for some more exciting announcements.

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