Nintendo RGB amps updated and re-stocked

We have just updated and re-stocked our popular Nintendo RGB bypass amps. Our Nintendo RGB amps are based on Borti’s open source design, with a few of our own enhancements to make them even easier to install in your console. 

We have listened to user feedback and both the 1-chip SNES and the N64 models have been revised so that they can be used with both attenuated non attenuated RGB cables. If your RGB cable has an attenuation resistor on it, you only need to solder one jumper on the board and the sync output will be changed to suit your cable. Of course, if you have your amp installed by us, we can configure it however you like. We’re hoping to bring back the installation service for both SNES and N64 in the very near future.

Get yourself a Nintendo RGB amp by clicking here, or a N64 RGB amp by clicking here.

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