OSSC April batch has arrived

We are pleased to announce that our April 2019 batch of OSSCs has now landed. We can also announce that we are taking orders from customers worldwide. If your country isn’t listed as a destination then please get in touch and I’ll look into it.

Unfortunately we are still having to use the post office counter for all our mailings so this may mean that there are delays getting orders out if there’s a big rush, but we will do our best. Our plan is to post little and often, Carlow post office are going to love us 😀

In other news, we have had most of the electrical work done now, so I should be in my new office soon. When that happens I can concentrate on getting other products re-stocked and orders placed for products that are out of stock.

Grab your OSSC here.


10 thoughts on “OSSC April batch has arrived

  1. cybercylon says:

    I got an email saying orders are being delayed due to shortages of the remote. I didn’t order a remote, so is that email just for those that ordered a remote or is there a general delay (not a big deal…. just curious).

  2. Rikarudo says:

    I know probably you´re tired of hear this but why stilll isnt an official re seller on USA? I don´t know some kind of alliance with Castlemania games or stone age gamer. I´m from mexico but it will be a bit better import it from USA, lastly i wish you the best on this new era of your business, i´m still saving money for the OSSC and surely i´m gonna buy it from this site not the “chinese clones”

    • BuckoA51 says:

      It’s very cheap to import from EU to USA, in fact US customers usually end up paying a bit less. Returns are more expensive, but I’m working on that.

      • Rikarudo says:

        I see, you how how many taxes it will cost to mexico? I want to buy the ossc with the PSU multiregion,the remote and the overlay.

        • BuckoA51 says:

          For Mexico, you pay the price excluding VAT but you must pay import taxes/duties at your countries border. You would need to check locally to determine what these taxes are.

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