New and re-stocked items

Greetings fellow retro gamers, we have a few new and re-stocked items to tell you about today. 

For Dreamcast fans, there are two bits of news. First up, battery replacements, including a new battery holder, are back in stock and available again. Get this essential upgrade done by visiting this page.

Secondly, you can protect your Dreamcast against random controller port failures with our Sega Dreamcast Controller Port Fuse Upgrade mod. This swaps the damage prone fuse in the consoles controller port PCB with one that is resettable. Now, if you have an issue with a controller you simply power your console off and then back on again to restore normal service. A great little mod to reduce down-time on your classic console. Click here to get yours.

Need an audio upgrade for your first or second gen Super SD System 3 unit? Those are back in stock too.

Finally, for OSSC fans (that’s pretty much everyone, right?) we have re-stocked the blue translucent cases and also added these really cool looking transparent blue tinted cases. If you want to see the elegant PCB of your OSSC as it works away making your retro games look beautiful, this is the case for you. Grab your replacement case in any of our fancy new colours here.


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