3D Print DragonMMC Cases

If you’ve got yourself a DragonMMC flash cartridge for use with your classic Dragon 32/64 or Tandy CoCo 1/2 computer, then you might be interested in some files our friends over at BetaGamma computing recently helped develop and release. If you have access to a 3D printer you can now print yourself a snazzy case/enclosure for your flash cart. When we say snazzy we mean it too, take our word for it, or perhaps you could look at the pictures provided below.

The 3D models are presented here for you free of charge. Click here to download the files and recreate your own Dragon MMC case.

Don’t have a DragonMMC yet? It is the essential upgrade for your Dragon 32/64 or Tandy CoCo 1/2 and will allow you to enjoy the machines library of classic software without the burden of unreliable legacy media such as floppy disks or, worse still, cassette tapes. Click here to get one.

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