Remotes and SD2SNES upgrade boards re-stocked

Just a quick heads up, two popular products are now back in stock. First up are the replacement IR remote controls for the OSSC. If you grabbed an OSSC while we were out of stock of these, or if you simply need a spare, you can get one here. Sorry, but there are still no overlays.

We have also re-stocked the SD2SNES upgrade board/MSU-1 volume fix board. If you have an older revision SD2SNES cartridge then you may have found that the audio in MSU-1 enhanced games is rather on the quiet side. With this simple little fix applied, you can enjoy normal volume music without the sound effects blasting the house down. Grab one of these boards here.

As always, we’ve lots more exciting projects in the pipelines, so make sure you follow us on social media or good old RSS.


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