VEC2600 DIY kits now available

It’s not often here at that we recommend a composite video mod. Being RGB snobs, we usually steer people in the direction of a RGB or HDMI modification for their classic console. The Atari 2600 is a little different however. Offering only RF output on the stock machine, some users feel that an RGB modification is a step too far, given that all the consoles games were designed around the inherently fuzzy signal that RF modulation will cause.

Now you can add composite video to your 2600 easily and cost effectively with the VEC 2600 kit from BetaGamma computing. By purchasing and installing one of these kits, your 2600 will be upgraded to offer a widely compatible composite video signal. This can be connected to a classic CRT display and to most modern televisions too, though for best results on modern TVs we would recommend you use a RetroTINK 2x as well.

These kits are available in our store now. If you’re not the type of person blessed with soldering skills (like me) you can order a fitting service here.

Of course, we can still fit your Tim Worthington RGB mod for your 2600 console if you prefer.

The VEC2600 is just the first of many new and exciting products we hope to offer as we expand our partnership with BetaGamma computing, so stay tuned for more announcements!

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