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    My Elgato Cam Link 4K has captured everything I’ve thrown at it. It’s probably worth mentioning that I use a Micomsoft Framemeister XRGB-Mini to clean up the HDMI signal. The Cam Link did not work well from the OSSC directly. Some notes:

    Audio rarely makes it to the Framemeister over HDMI so tap your analog audio and feed it to the D port. There’s a menu option for HDMI 1 to pull audio from here.

    Try turning on OBS “Use Buffering” and turn off Framemeister “Sync Mode”. This gave me the least amount of judder but 100ms of lag. You may need to tinker here depending on the timing of your hardware.

    You probably don’t want to be playing with 100ms of lag. If you’re using an analog monitor, split your analog signal as usual. For HDMI, use a splitter after the OSSC.

    Having two scalers is very powerful (and expensive). You can, for example, play at 1280×960 and capture at 640×480 or even 720p. Don’t forget to change sharpening to from 0 to 1 if things get blurry while scaling on a non-integer.


    guys i’m sending back my elgato hd60s cause had many problems not directly related with ossc and now i have to get a new one. Do you know how startech usb3hdcap works with ossc?


    Elgato HD60 s does not support 240p it seems.

    Xellos 101

    Hello my English bad on please tell me how OSC works with this capture card on the Internet very little information about this AverMedia GC573 Live Gamer 4K.


    I’ve just tested the Avermedia 4K card with my OSSC and my de-jittered SNES, looking pretty good on my Samsung 6290 series 4KTV and on capture, however for the Sega Genesis using the 320X480 5X and using FireBrandX’s timing settings, its looks perfect on my TV, but on the capture card, while keeping the signal no problem, its all jaggy/ zig zaggy looking…. like the picture is not moving around, it just all the sprites and wording looks like it got more lines when it shouldn’t on them. Any ideas whats causing that?


    Magewell Pro Capture HDMI Card Model 11040 works beautifully with just about everything. The only problem I have is a PC Engine Core Grafx 2 w/ SSDS3. The PCE CG2 output looks fantastic though the OSSC on my TCL 49S405. But the Magewell capture card doesn’t like it. Otherwise, DC, PS1, PS2, Genesis Model 1 HDG, SNES mini w/ RGB and dejitter mod, N64 w/ deblur mod and Saturn Model 2, all capture beautifully via OSSC in all line modes.


    hello everyone πŸ™‚
    im new with the ossc but so far i love it!
    i use it especialy for neogeo, i know neogeo framerate is strange (59.18hz if i remember) and i suppose its because of that my avermedia live gamer portable 2 always show “no signal” πŸ™
    on the first page i saw it should works in 2x line but maybe there is some other settings ? to be honest i dont understand everything yet ^^
    my ossc has the last firmware, same for the lgp2.
    if someone have an idea… thx a lot πŸ™‚

    sorry my bad, after reading “STICKY – ESSENTIAL OSSC RESOURCES – CHECK BEFORE ASKING FOR SUPPORT!” i understand my post was a little bit bad/rude πŸ™

    so more information πŸ™‚
    im using a neogeo MVS 1f in a sega blast city (osd type).
    to get video separately im using this pcb, part from the versus kit ( i found only that pcb)
    i had to made my own cable from CN7 connector to 839-0904 card to get signal on a vga cable.
    page 14 on the left
    that card is just a splitter video. nothing change from the neogeo.
    then that vga cable go to the ossc then to the lgp2 then to lcd monitor.
    game image is ok on the blast city and the lcd monitor.
    but the LGP2 (so in my computer) always show no signal πŸ™

    edit 2:
    ok so… i have apologize οΌΎοΌΎ
    i didnt noticed it was not the neogeo connected but a bootleg.
    so the bootleg send maybe a strange signal i have to deal with it.
    then i connected the neogeo but this time the ossc never sync signal πŸ™
    so i tried this settings:
    no change, then this one:
    still no sync πŸ™

    so i suppose its because of the video splitter of the blast city. my setup is not conventional so i cant ask for help i guess πŸ™
    but if someone have an idea i will be thanks full.

    Γ‰dit 2.5:

    I also found this page:
    But honestly I didn’t understand at all where to do this settings :/
    Anyway, I tried with some other arcade pcb in 15khz and all work well with ossc. Only neogeo don’t sync. So I will open a new topic on the right place. Sorry for disturb πŸ™


    I haven’t seen many posts about the Elgato HD60S, but I managed to get it to work. I had to install the proprietary software before amarec would recognize it, though. I haven’t messed around with the ossc much, but amarec can handles me changing the resolutions. I have yet to see the signal go black or anything, no drops.


    Elgato HD 60 pro.

    Works with PS2 on 2x. Neogeo MVS on both 2x and 3x when using
    Sync OPT. > H-PLL Post-Coast 2 lines
    Sync OPT. > Hsync Tolerance 8.30us



    I recently got the Elgato Cam Link 4K and so far it’s working like a charm!
    I’m able to capture my SNES at 5x via OBS which is reading the signal as 1920×1080!


    Just wanted to report back and mirror what’s been said before about the USB3HDCap. Not as elegant and user-friendly as the Elgato, but it definitely supports capture of 960p from 2 x 480p and 4 x 240p, which the ElgatoHD refused to recognize. Is there a way to jailbreak the Elgato software into recognizing another capture card?


    Has anyone tried the Epiphan 4K external capture card with the OSSC? I need an external 4K capture card that’s Mac-compatible, and the AVerMedia Live Gamer Ultra seems to be very finicky and barely works with Mac (from what I have read) and cannot capture 4x and 5x from the OSSC. I’m going to have modern and retro consoles in my setup so I would need the card to work with varying resolutions including 4K, and if the card can’t accept 4x and 5x from the OSSC then it would not be very useful for retro capturing.


    I’m a SAM Coupe owner – who is ordering an OSSC shortly. Based on compatibility I’ve heard from other users, it does look like this will work without any issues – so looking forward to placing my order.

    Only problem is that I would like to grab the odd project i’m working on – at reasonable quality. I’ve no idea on the best solution though.

    I’ve heard of some reasonable feedback regarding the Elgato HD60S – which seems to do a reasonably good job with SAM’s “text mode” – Mode 3 (512 x 192 pixels, 4 colours, pixel colour) and mixed – but not always ideal – results with Mode 4 (256 x 192 – 16 colours, pixel colour).

    Doubt there’s many SAM owners here – but if so, any feedback from others – or for machines of a similar level?

    I’ve been advised that SAM’s output is:
    non-interlaced PAL, 50.02Hz, 312 lines

    Any feedback would be appreciated.



    I’ve read through all of the posts in this thread. I have an elgato hd60s right now, and I want to get a new capture card that will be able to display 2X 3X 4X and 5X for the Genesis and Saturn, or at the very least 4X/5X, and I’m trying to spend under $200. I’ve been scouring the internet, but I can’t seem to find something that will for sure work, and I’m scared to buy another card only to have it not work again.


    I have an HD60S and it works fine. I use a Crestron HD Scaler before the HD60s to fix any resolution incompatibilities.

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